Synthetic Microbiology

Lineage Tracking Our research is focused on developing a unique microbial tracking system that allows us to monitor entire bacterial communities over multiple generations with single-cell resolution. We call it the "social media for microbes". This system enables us to study surface sensing, which is the ability of bacteria to detect and respond to changes in their environment. Additionally, we aim to better understand how bacteria coordinate multicellular behavior within lineages, which is critical for their survival and adaptation. Finally, we are exploring the concept of multigenerational memory via second messengers, which involves the transfer of internal information from one generation of bacteria to the next as a way for bacteria to communicate with each other over time. We see that bacteria can have a wide range of responses, ranging from very fast changes in their swimming speeds over a time period of a few seconds to very slow changes in their signaling profile over the course of multiple hours or days.

We believe that these studies will lead to a better understanding of how bacteria interact with their environment and with each other, which could have important implications for fields such as medicine, agriculture, and environmental science.

Highlighted Publications

Here are some of our recent publications that highlight our work on bacteria.

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