All students and postdocs in the Wong lab are underlined below.  *Equal contribution.  #Co-corresponding author


Pub. Order Year Title Authors Journal
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Commentary in PNAS, "An ancient neuropeptide defends the brain against infection"
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* Co-first authors
#Co-corresponding authors
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Commentary in PNAS, "Linking neurons to immunity: Lessons from Hydra"
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Mitchell H. Grayson, Brian F. Volkman, Anna R. Huppler
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* Co-first authors.
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†Co-corresponding authors
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*Equal contribution
†Co-corresponding authors
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*Equal contribution
eLife, 2019
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*Equal contribution
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*Equal Contribution
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†Co-corresponding authors
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*Equal contribution
†Co-corresponding authors
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Invited review for special issue "Antimicrobial Peptides"
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* Co-first authors
†Co-corresponding authors
PNAS, 115 (17), 4471-4476 (2018)

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†Co-corresponding authors
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†Co-corresponding authors
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* Co-first authors
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Invited review for "Peptide Therapeutics" symposium-in-print
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Highlighted in Science

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Invited review for special issue "Self-assembled peptides: from nanostructure to bioactivity"
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*Equal contribution
†Co-corresponding authors
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See also: An Emerging Grip on the Growth of Grounded Bacteria (Perspective) by Carey D. Nadell, Raimo Hartmann, and Knut Drescher
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See also: ACS Nano, 10 (10), 9109-9110 (2016)
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*Equal contribution
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*Equal contribution
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*Equal contribution
Nature 497 388
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*Equal contribution
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*Equal contribution
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108 16883–16888
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*Equal contribution
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108. 12617
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*Equal contribution
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*Equal contribution
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