Gerard Wong, Ph.D.

Professor and Principal Investigator
Department of Bioengineering
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
California Nanosystems Institute

OFFICE: 4121E Engineering V
TEL: 310-794-7684 (office)
FAX: 310-794-5956

Post-docs and Staff Scientists

Wujing Xian, Ph.D. Yue Zhang, Ph.D. Calvin Lee, Ph.D. Haleh Alimohamadi, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Jaime De Anda William Schmidt Wei-Chia Luo Jonathan Chen Ziwen Liu

Undergraduate Students

Name Bacteria Single Cell Microscopy and Tracking Activity of Novel Antimicrobial Conjugates Antimicrobial and Immunological Activities of Natural Peptides
Juelline Lieng bacteria-156869_960_720 bacteria-156869_960_720
Mandy Hung bacteria-156869_960_720
Yashes Srinivasan bacteria-156869_960_720
Cole Malkoff bacteria-156869_960_720
Ali Farhat bacteria-156869_960_720
Maria Contreras bacteria-156869_960_720
Chiara Mooney bacteria-156869_960_720
Jennifer Wang bacteria-156869_960_720 bacteria-156869_960_720
Veronica Veksler bacteria-156869_960_720
Charles Lomba bacteria-156869_960_720