Gerard Wong, Ph.D.

Professor and Principal Investigator
Department of Bioengineering
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
California Nanosystems Institute

OFFICE: 4121E Engineering V
TEL: 310-794-7684 (office)
FAX: 310-794-5956

Post-docs and Staff Scientists

Wujing Xian, Ph.D. Michelle Lee, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Calvin Lee Ernest Lee Jaime De Anda

Undergraduate Students

Name Bacteria Single Cell Microscopy and Tracking Activity of Novel Antimicrobial Conjugates Antimicrobial and Immunological Activities of Natural Peptides
Alexander Kim bacteria-156869_960_720
David Qiao bacteria-156869_960_720
Giancarlo Santos bacteria-156869_960_720
Jennifer Wang bacteria-156869_960_720 bacteria-156869_960_720
Josh Helali bacteria-156869_960_720
Joshua Keefe bacteria-156869_960_720
Juelline Lieng bacteria-156869_960_720 bacteria-156869_960_720
Mandy Hung bacteria-156869_960_720
Sandy Zarmer bacteria-156869_960_720 bacteria-156869_960_720
Cole Malkoff bacteria-156869_960_720
Yashes Srinivasan bacteria-156869_960_720
Veronica Veksler bacteria-156869_960_720